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Zumobi Presents with IBM at IAB Mobile Marketplace Conference

Zumobi Presents with IBM at IAB Mobile Marketplace Conference

General session featured how Microzines merge data and targeted content to drive customer engagement on mobile

Zumobi CEO Ken Willner presented alongside Jodie Sasse of the IBM Watson Group at the IAB’s Mobile Marketplace conference in New York City. Willner and Sasse spoke on the subject of merging data and targeted content’s ability to drive customer engagement. The event was a unique opportunity for brands, agencies, and publishers to convene, discuss and discover new ways for creating content and brand experiences on the mobile device.

The presentation focused on how Watson and Zumobi together increase customer engagement for brands with mobile content marketing strategies.

Other topics discussed included:

• How Brands Can Use Microzines to Leverage Their Content on Mobile

• How to use IBM Watson’s Cognitive Computing to Provide More Personalized Mobile Experiences

• How Brands Enable their Content to be Shoppable on Mobile with Microzines

• How you can use Microzines to Engage Your Audience with Mobile Content Marketing

Zumobi leveraged case studies to visualize key mobile content marketing strategies through Microzines—dynamic mobile content experiences optimized for mobile. Microzines curate a brand’s content like blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube videos, news articles and more into innovative mobile experiences that can include Shoppable Content integration. You can light up a Microzine experience in your app, as a mobile web destination or as a mobile ad.

A key feature of the Microzine is the ability to introduce Shoppable Content, a new way for brands to offer direct links to purchasable items featured in their content. Additional items are recommended to shoppers based on the individual’s interest.

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