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Top 4 tips for a strong video strategy

Top 4 tips for a strong video strategy

Using video as part of a brand's message is simple, but getting the right engagement is much more difficult. One expert offers 4 tips for a better video strategy.

First, think distribution

"We hear this a lot, but brands should create content with a mobile-first mindset, in that the length and channel need to be optimized for a mobile audience. They should also consider different ways to get the most distribution out of their video content. Think mobile content marketing experiences that can take consumers on a customer journey with less distractions and seamless interaction where a consumer doesn't have to hop from YouTube to Vimeo to experience video content," said Marla Schimke, Vice President of Marketing, Zumobi.

Second, know data

"Leverage video consumer analytics and use the data to inform your omni-channel marketing efforts," advised Schimke.

Third, get personalization right

"How do brands ensure that the content they create is getting in front of the right audience on the right channel? Leveraging automated dynamic mobile content marketing technologies is the best way to ensure each piece of content is delivered its target audience with the right message at the right time," said Schimke.

Fourth, make video an experience

"[For retailers] don't waste your video by missing out on enabling shoppable content. By leveraging some of the newest technologies available, any retailer can turn once stagnant content into shoppable experiences, greatly enhancing ROI and customer satisfaction," said Schimke.

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