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Aclate Announces Intention to Acquire Zumobi

Zumobi helps companies amplify content marketing on mobile to drive customer acquisitions, engagement and conversions

Acquire, Engage, Activate and Create Brand Loyalty with Microzines.

AUSTIN, TX, Oct 30, 2019 – Aclate, Inc. announced today its intention to acquire Zumobi, a leader of Content Marketing Solutions for marquee brands.
Zumobi enables marketers to more effectively distribute their content like blogs, videos and social media across important mobile touch points, including their own mobile apps, web and media. These dynamic content experiences increase sales by including all related shoppable products in their content experiences. The Zumobi Brand Integration Platform makes it easy to curate and distribute content via dynamic targeted mobile experiences called Microzines.

Aclate's innovative leadership in Agile Customer Engagement Solutions, combined with Zumobi's technology and capabilities, will drive adoption and success of Zumobi's Microzines and mobile content technology for its customers. Upon completion of this acquisition, including obtaining required approvals, Zumobi will become part of ESW Capital under the Aclate family of companies. Zumobi customers will benefit from Aclate’s shared services, along with its customer success program, a proven method for aligning product development with customer goals.

About Zumobi:
Zumobi, the leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions, enables marketers to more effectively distribute content across mobile apps, web and media. The Zumobi Brand Integration Platform makes it easy to curate and distribute content via dynamic, targeted mobile experiences. These Microzines drive customer acquisition, engagement and conversion, while providing a robust set of data and analytics to marketers so that they can measure and optimize their content mix and ROI. To learn more, visit

About Aclate:
Aclate acquires software solutions that enhance Agile Customer Engagement. Taking advantage of shared support services to handle day-to-day operations, brands under the Aclate portfolio are freed up to focus on customers and achieve the highest levels of customer success. Aclate is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with team members across the globe. For more information, visit


Introduce your content to a new mobile audience.

Acquire, Engage, Activate and Create Brand Loyalty with Microzines.





A Microzine is a dynamic mobile magazine that aggregates real-time content from a brand’s web site, blog, video channels, social media and other sources into an engaging mobile content experience.  Microzines can be hyper-targeted through mobile media to reach highly custom audiences and drive greater customer acquisition, engagement and activation.



In-ad content experiences target &
acquire new customers


Shoppable content & social sharing
activate customers


Mobile web content destinations
engage potential customers


In-app content experiences drive
loyalty with existing customers

Microzine Examples

  • Video centric content
  • Inline auto-play video
  • Single column design
  • Short and long videos
  • Inline auto-play video
  • Long form articles
  • Expandable infographics
  • Related articles
  • Inline auto-play videos
  • Dynamic Instagram feed
  • Ten different CTA tiles
  • Promo module located at the end of each article
  • Share functionality
  • Dynamic content via Apple Music API
  • New releases featured weekly
  • Watch video inside the Microzine
  • 3-Month Free Trial offer integration
  • Targeted to people with music apps
  • Microzines for Crossfit, Running & Fitness
  • Sport Specific Shoppable Content Integration
  • Calls to Action to “Be More Human” site
  • Integrated Video Content
  • Dynamic Content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Product Recipe Content
  • $2 off Walmart Coupon
  • Apple & Android Pay Coupon Delivery
  • Store Location Geo-Targeting
  • Store Locator Integration
  • Aggregate sponsored content produced by world class publishers such as Bloomberg
  • Quartz and the Washington Post
  • Showcases six auto-play inline videos within the content stream
  • Integrated links to download annual report
  • Sponsored content curated around topics such as iOT & Cybersecurity
  • Inline auto-playing video
  • Aggregated Content from Xfinity Home
  • Click to Call functionality so users can easily dial Xfinity from their mobile phone
  • Integrated calls to action so users can easily request a free quote

Microzine features