Mobile Content Marketing

Amplify your content marketing on mobile to drive customer acquisitions, engagement and conversions by leveraging the #1 Mobile Content Marketing Solution


Introduce your content to a new mobile audience.

Acquire, Engage, Activate and Create Brand Loyalty with Microzines.





A Microzine is a dynamic mobile magazine that aggregates real-time content from a brand’s web site, blog, video channels, social media and other sources into an engaging mobile content experience.  Microzines can be hyper-targeted through mobile media to reach highly custom audiences and drive greater customer acquisition, engagement and activation.



In-ad content experiences target &
acquire new customers


Shoppable content & social sharing
activate customers


Mobile web content destinations
engage potential customers


In-app content experiences drive
loyalty with existing customers

Microzine Examples

  • Video centric content
  • Inline auto-play video
  • Single column design
  • Short and long videos
  • Inline auto-play video
  • Long form articles
  • Expandable infographics
  • Related articles
  • Inline auto-play videos
  • Dynamic Instagram feed
  • Ten different CTA tiles
  • Promo module located at the end of each article
  • Share functionality
  • Dynamic content via Apple Music API
  • New releases featured weekly
  • Watch video inside the Microzine
  • 3-Month Free Trial offer integration
  • Targeted to people with music apps
  • Microzines for Crossfit, Running & Fitness
  • Sport Specific Shoppable Content Integration
  • Calls to Action to “Be More Human” site
  • Integrated Video Content
  • Dynamic Content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Product Recipe Content
  • $2 off Walmart Coupon
  • Apple & Android Pay Coupon Delivery
  • Store Location Geo-Targeting
  • Store Locator Integration
  • Aggregate sponsored content produced by world class publishers such as Bloomberg
  • Quartz and the Washington Post
  • Showcases six auto-play inline videos within the content stream
  • Integrated links to download annual report
  • Sponsored content curated around topics such as iOT & Cybersecurity
  • Inline auto-playing video
  • Aggregated Content from Xfinity Home
  • Click to Call functionality so users can easily dial Xfinity from their mobile phone
  • Integrated calls to action so users can easily request a free quote

Microzine features